The following Resolutions have been drafted in keeping with recent statutes enacted by the Texas Legislature.  They have been adopted by the current Board of Directors and filed with Tarrant County.  The Management Certificate has also been adopted by the Board, filed with Tarrant County and is available to all potential buyers and their agents on the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) website.

Resol.Rules.Regs-website.pdf Pertaining to security measures, swimming pool enclosures & religious displays

Resol.Contracts-Website.pdf Pertaining to the need for bids for contracts over $50K

Resol.ARC.Athority-website.pdf Pertaining to the authority granted to the Architectural Review Committee

Resol.Hearings-website.pdf Pertaining to the requirement to conduct a hearing based on the denial of an application by the Architectural Control Committee

Mngmt.Certif.-website.pdf Filed with the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) for the benefit of agents representing the buyer or seller of a home in Bedford Estates and providing contact information, and links to all documents governing the HOA and existing land use covenants.

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