Texas state law requires that APPROVED minutes of nonprofit organization meetings be made accessible to the membership. Since homeowner meetings are several months apart, we post them here unapproved as a courtesy to our residents.

Click on the document to view it here.  When the page opens, you will see two icons on the top right of the page - one will allow you to download the document and the other will allow you to print it.

10.17.17 Annual Meeting Minutes - Approved.pdf 

03.27.18 General Meeting Minutes - Approved.pdf 

11.13.18 Annual Meeting Minutes - Approved.pdf

11.12.19 Annual Meeting Minutes - Approved.pdf

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes - final.pdf (approval will be voted on at the 2021 Annual Meeting)


Due to Covid restrictions, our 2020 Annual Homeowner Meeting was held via videos by President, Vice President and Treasurer and using a google survey to solicit approval of the 2019 minutes, proposed 2021 budget, nominations for new Secretary, Treasurer, Neighbor Relations Chair, a 5th member of the Architectural Review Committee and changes to the BEHA bylaws.

The presentation is included below and the videos can be found elsewhere under this tab. Since voting has concluded and requested items approved, the survey has been taken down.  Many thanks to all who participated and helped us launch plans for 2021.

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