Residents of Buckner Court were invited to attend a meeting to discuss beautification projects inside the BEHA perimeter fencing.  The HOA President and Secretary also attended to share ideas and update residents on current projects.  In the hope of keeping the dialogue going and encourage future get-togethers, Vicki's goals were as follows:

  1. Establish a forum for open and productive dialogue between neighbors on Buckner Court.
  2. Foster discussion and discovery to determine interest in improving and beautifying the Court
  3. Determine timeframe and financial investment separate and distinct from HOA
  4. Brainstorm specific initiatives and priorities for residents incremental and complementary to HOA projects

Ideas offered up included:

  1. Staining the inside of the perimeter fencing
  2. Planting a tree on each side of the court inside the fencing
  3. Power washing the sidewalks and neighbors' stone work
  4. Get bids for collective fence repair/stain on neighbors' property
  5. Start regular volunteer days
  6. Convene a group to discuss water drainage issues and possible solutions
  7. Keep neighbors informed via the Bedford Estates website of HOA projects
  8. Consider quarterly neighborhood meetings

The first item is well underway!  Just look at the difference as the fence is being power washed.  As soon as the weather cooperates, the fence will be stained using the same product used on the Cummings Drive fencing.  

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