Texas state law requires that APPROVED minutes of nonprofit organization meetings be made accessible to the membership.  Approval is voted on at the next Board meeting.  Because our meetings are now being held quarterly, your HOA has voted to post them here unapproved as a courtesy to our residents.

Any resident of Bedford Estates is welcome to sit in on our Homeowners Association meetings.  We prepare our agenda a week in advance, so we need to know if you just want to come and listen or if you have something you would like to share with the Board.  If the latter, please let us know the subject matter and we will include it on our agenda and allocate time for you to speak.  Email your intent and the subject you wish to discuss (if applicable) to the Secretary - Kim Smith at lvskim56@hotmail.com.  

Board meetings are scheduled quarterly at the home of the current Board President - Jim Griffin -  at 6:00 PM at 3808 Cambridge Circle WEST on the following dates:  January 9, April 3,  July 11 and October 10.  Please contact the Board secretary to verify that the meeting has not be rescheduled or the venue changed!

Click on the document to view it here.  When the page opens, you will see two icons on the top right of the page - one will allow you to download the document and the other will allow you to print it.

2024 Board Meetings:
01.09.2024 Board Minutes.pdf

04.03.2024 Minutes.pdf

2023 Board Meetings:

01.15.2023 Board Minutes.pdf

04.11.2023 Board Minutes.pdf

07.16.23 Board minutes.pdf

10.12.2023 Minutes.pdf

2022 Board Meetings:

01.17.22 Board Minutes.pdf

04.04.2022 Minutes FINAL.pdf

07.18.2022 Board Minutes.pdf

10.03.2022 Board Minutes APPROVED.pdf

2021 Board Meetings: 

In the Annual 2020 Meeting, the bylaws were updated to indicate the Board would meet on a quarterly basis beginning in January 2021.

01.10.21 Mnutes.pdf

04.11.2021 Minutes.pdf

7.11.2021 Minutes.pdf

10.13.2021 Board meeting.pdf

2020 Board Meeting Minutes:  

Since By-laws were updated in 2018, allowing electronic communication, all 2020 meetings were held virtually

01.01.2020 Minutes.pdf

02.02.2020 Minutes.pdf

03.02.2020 Minutes.pdf

No Board meeting was held in April

05.04.2020 Minutes.pdf

06.01.2020 Minutes.pdf

No Board meeting was held in July

No Board meeting was held in August

09.26.2020 Minutes.pdf

10.12.2020 Minutes.pdf

11.02.2020 Minutes.pdf

No Board meeting was held in December 

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

01.07.19 Minutes.pdf

02.04.2019 Minutes.pdf

03.04.2019 Minutes.pdf

04.01.2019 Minutes.pdf

05.06.2019 Minutes.pdf

06.03.2019 Minutes.pdf

No Board meeting was held in July

08.05.19 Minutes.pdf

09.02.19 Minutes.pdf

09.30.19 Minutes.pdf (October meeting rescheduled)

11.04.2019 Minutes.pdf

12.16.2019 Minutes.pdf

2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes 01.03.18 PDF Website.pdf

Minutes 02.05.18 PDF Website.pdf 

Minutes 03.05.18 PDF Website.pdf  

No Board meeting was held in April

05.07.18 Minutes Website PDF.pdf 

No Board meetings were held in June, July or August

09.04.18 Minutes.pdf

10.01.2018 Minutes.pdf

11.05.18 Minutes.pdf

12.03.18 Minutes.pdf

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